Students examine radishes for a FoodCorps lesson

FoodCorps Lessons

The FoodCorps Lessons include hands-on experiential activities to engage kids in learning about healthy food. This suite of 96 lessons are for grades K-5, and are organized through this learning progression by grade, season and theme. The lessons are tied to national academic standards and were developed following Culturally Responsive Teaching, Place Based Learning and Social and Emotional Learning best practices and frameworks. Each lesson was developed with input from FoodCorps service members, community partners and resource specialists, and have been evaluated and updated to reflect recommendations from our community of food educators. This suite of lessons is intended to guide food and garden educators to spark inquiry and love for healthy food and should be adapted to reflect the needs, identity and culture of the community in which they are taught. 

The lessons are evidence based and have been developed guided by the FoodCorps Healthy School Progress Report Practices found in the Healthy School Toolkit.

FoodCorps Lesson Progression 

This FoodCorps Lesson Progression poster is a roadmap to illuminate the theory behind the sequencing of the ninety-six FoodCorps lessons. It shows how these lessons relate to and build upon one another to support students in developing increasingly sophisticated knowledge of and skills in the six themes listed below. 

The lessons are organized by the following 6 themes to provide a framework to identify the central topic for each lesson. 

Conceptual Themes to build student knowledge:

Skills-focused themes to develop student skills in gardening, cooking, and accessing healthy foods:

View the FoodCorps Lesson Progression Poster here.

Videos of FoodCorps Lessons 

Service members have recorded over 100 video lessons to support students with remote learning about healthy food and gardening. Many of these lessons include activities from FoodCorps Lessons. You can view them here!