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We develop unique, in-depth opportunities to provide alumni with the tools they need to advance along our six targeted career paths. Our alumni have furthered their professional development through our multi-day trainings which focus on subjects like advocacy for child nutrition and how to become a school food leader. Additionally, every other year, we convene a cohort of our Multiracial, Native/Indigenous, and Alumni of Color to facilitate network-building and develop leadership skills. We also offer many remote trainings focused on career development, including webinars, conference calls, mentorship opportunities, and online courses.


We stay connected with our alumni on and offline. Members of our nationwide alumni network plug into an online community where they can find mentorship, advice, interest groups, or a listening ear. Alumni chapters around the country convene in person to socialize, mobilize, and build professional connections. Our Alumni Council, a group of 10 former service members dedicated to strengthening our alumni community, organizes events and opportunities to connect with old friends and make new ones within the FoodCorps community.


We offer grants to support our alumni in their post-service careers of impact. These emerging leaders have used grant funding to create educational art projects, attend national conferences and trainings, buy supplies for their garden education programming, and much more. This year, we will offer $8,000 in funding to help support alumni in their exciting endeavors.  Check out what we’ve helped make possible. >>>


We offer many skills-based career development trainings to help alumni choose a fulfilling path and prepare for the job application process. We connect our alumni to opportunities and job openings across FoodCorps’ broad network of partners. Our FoodCorps Employer Circle links alumni to organizations that value their skills and experiences.

Online Networks

Alumni gain lifetime access to two ever-growing online resources: the Toolshed and FoodCorps Connect. The Toolshed is an online library chock-full of how-to tools for healthy food education programming, sourcing healthy foods in school, community organizing, and more. FoodCorps Connect is an online community for alumni and current service members to seek out and connect with career mentors, build their network, and find jobs. We’re always producing fresh material—including webinars, fact sheets, podcasts, and monthly newsletters—specifically for our alumni to help them advance in their careers.

Alumni Service Leadership Award Winners

Each year, we recognize one alum who embodies true leadership: someone who demonstrates FoodCorps’ values of promoting justice and health for all, who approaches their work humbly yet with conviction and strength, and who is passionate about serving their community. We invite our community of alumni, community partners, staff, and service members to nominate an alum who exemplifies these qualities. The winner, selected by the Alumni Council, receives an award of $250 and is honored at our National Orientation.

FoodCorps Alumni Service Leadership Award Winners

Learn about our alumni, their careers, and how we support them.

  • Nutrition & Public Health

    Many alumni go into fields related to nutrition and public health. They are health educators, researchers, clinical dietitians, and more.

    Meet FoodCorps alumni
  • Education

    Our service members receive extensive training to unlock their potential as more effective educators.

    Meet FoodCorps alumni
  • Emily Olsen

    Nonprofit Management

    FoodCorps service members implement hands-on programming every day, often in nonprofit settings.

    Meet FoodCorps alumni
  • School Food Leadership

    Service members spend much of their year in the cafeteria, making the lunchroom a welcoming place where it’s safe to try new and healthy foods.

    Meet FoodCorps alumni
  • Alekya Prathivadi

    Policy & Advocacy

    Serving with FoodCorps is in many ways about community organizing. Members build skills around mobilizing their communities towards a unified cause.

    Meet FoodCorps alumni
  • Jordyn Appel

    Agriculture & Food Production

    Service members spend much of their time pulling weeds and watering school gardens - and many of them fall in love with growing, producing, and promoting local food systems.

    Meet FoodCorps alumni

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